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Our 60 minute webinars are organised in partnership with leading solutions providers, making illuminating connections for senior executives working in Bio Production, Pharma Manufacturing, Drug Delivery & Formulation and Pharma Outsourcing

The sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to be inspired and informed; to keep up with the latest solutions to the challenges that you face and develop strategies to provide performance improvement and cost savings – all without leaving the office.

All of our webinars are free to attend. It’s always best to attend the live session, to ensure that you have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our speakers. However, all sessions are also archived OnDemand so that you can watch them at any time. Just choose a session from the listings and sign up – it’s as simple as that.

We work with some of the best solutions providers in the world to ensure that our webinars are providing timely, accurate information. We are always open to topics and speaker suggestions, so please get in touch with us to let us know what we should be covering.

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The Industry Dynamics Webinar Team

OnDemand Webinars
Automated Buffer Exchange: Leveraging Automation to Streamline Small Scale Formulation Screening
Peter Soler, Ph.D.
Research Investigator
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Modern Catalysis: Academic Discovery to Industrial Application
Professor Stephen L. Buchwald
Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry

A Novel Automated System for Buffer Exchange and Concentration of Biopharmaceuticals: Can an Automated Workflow Provide Comparable Results?
Russell Burge
Applications Scientist

Precipitate and Solubility Investigation: A Case Study for an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Using High Throughput Experimentation
Matthew Bahr
Investigator, Lab Automation Systems

Ensure CLP Compliance in the Research Lab Using a Chemical Inventory Management System
Denese Deeds
Senior Consultant
Industrial Health & Safety Consultants

Optimizing Control of Cell Culture and Microbial Fermentation in Bio-Manufacturing
Christian Weilke
International Product Manager
Roche Custom Biotech

A Modern approach to Mycoplasma testing
Inga Böll
Director Intetrnational Product Management
Roche Diagnostics

The Future of Bioprocess Monitoring: How Greater Precision can Improve Quality and Yield
Christian Weilke
International Product Manager
Roche Custom Biotech

Applying single-use technologies in Biopharmaceuticals to achieve Supply Chain Excellence
Tony Pidgeon
Director, Applied Technology Finished Dose

QbD Strategies for Successful Drug Product Formulation, Process Validation and Manufacturing
Anil Kane Ph.D. MBA
Global Head of Formulations

Achieving FDA Acceptance and Releasing your Bio Product with Rapid PCR Mycoplasma Testing
Roland Dorn
International Product Manager Custom Biotech
Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Drastically Improving Your Cell Culture Monitoring By Using Next Generation Technologies
Tim Noetzel
Manager of Fermentation
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Robustness, Reproducibility and Risk Management: The Route to Successful Commercialisation
Romano Rivolta
Senior Director Business Management and Technology Transfer

Innovative Outsourcing Approaches: A Look Forward in The Clinical Development of Injectables
Dr. David Brett
Product and Service Manager
Vetter Pharma International GmbH

Can improved water solubility give APIs a new lease of life?
Jef Verplaetse
Managing Director Laboratoria Smeets
Laboratoria Smeets

Accelerating the Drug Development Trajectory by improving Solubility of new Compounds
Robin Platt
Operations Director, Milton Park, UK

Navigating the Future of Aseptic Manufacturing
Kevin Joseph Wrigley
Product & Service Manager
Vetter Pharma International GmbH

Optimisation of Cell Culture Monitoring
Dr. Tim Noetzel
Manager of Fermentation
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Early Drug Development: Process research solutions for API synthesis
Iwona Kaluzna
Senior Scientist Biocatalysis
DSM Innovative Synthesis

Meeting the Challenges of Applying PAT to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Susan Dana Jones, Ph.D.
Vice President and Senior Consultant
BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc.

Optimization of Cell Culture and Fermentation Media
Dr. Tim Noetzel
Manager of Fermentation
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Breakthrough Advances in Synchrotron XRPD: a Powerful Product-Characterization Technique with Extended Applications to Pharmaceuticals
Arturo Araque, PhD
Head of Excelsus Consortium

Content Testing and Sample Preparation - Faster. Better. Safer.
Robert Houser
Product Manager & Application Scientist

Adopting a Life Cycle Approach to Product Quality
KR Karu
Industry Solutions Director
Sparta Systems

Optimization of Cell Culture and Fermentation Media
Dr. Tim Noetzel
Manager of Fermentation
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Clinical Manufacturing Challenges: Prepare for the Unexpected
Troy Carpenter
Vetter Pharma International USA Inc.

Smarter development strategies for novel biotechnological therapeutics
Ruud Luiten
Competence Director Microbial Fermentation
DSM BioSolutions

Practical and Theoretical Implications of Single Use Bioreactor Technology
Michael Radovan
Associate Director of Product Management
Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Search for a Consistent Cell Culture Process
Dr. Joerg von Hagen
Head of Process Development/Launch Managment
Merck KGaA

The new MES – Manufacturing Excellence for Life Sciences
Andrew Whytock
Industry Manager
Siemens Industry Software

Meeting purification challenges with single use technology
Gerard Gach
Global Product Marketing Director
GE Healthcare

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence in Life Sciences with PAT and MES solutions
Andrew Whytock
Industry Manager
Siemens Industry Software

New Steps to Innovative Electronic Batch Recording
Martin Dittmer
Product Manager FactoryTalk Pharma Suite
Rockwell Automation

How to Replace Wet Granulation with Dry Granulation
Steffen Mittwich
Atacama Labs

Optimizing Overall Manufacturing System Performance: Cell Culture Supplementation
Steve Pettit
Director, Cell Culture Development

The Seven Keys for Effective Solid Dosage Manufacturing
Michael Tousey
Technical Services Director, President

Environmental strategies for cost reduction in pharmaceutical facilities
Catherine Coulomb
Industry Marketing Director
Veolia Environnement

New Tools and Alternatives to Streamline Your mAb Purification Process
Mark A. Snyder, Ph.D.
Manager, Process R&D Applications Group
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Building a successful energy management programme
Tom Pagliuco
Director, Energy

Operational excellence success - achieving and demonstrating true cost reduction
Dr Fadel Hamed
Associate Director, GT Operational Excellence

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