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Our 60 minute webinars are organised in partnership with leading solutions providers, making illuminating connections for senior executives working in Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics and Packaging.

The sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to be inspired and informed; to keep up with the latest solutions to the challenges that you face and develop strategies to provide performance improvement and cost savings – all without leaving the office.

All of our webinars are free to attend. It’s always best to attend the live session, to ensure that you have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our speakers. However, all sessions are also archived OnDemand so that you can watch them at any time. Just choose a session from the listings and sign up – it’s as simple as that.

We work with some of the best solutions providers in the world to ensure that our webinars are providing timely, accurate information. We are always open to topics and speaker suggestions, so please get in touch with us to let us know what we should be covering.

Upcoming Webinars
OnDemand Webinars
Exclusive Insights with Paulo Herrmann
Paulo   Herrmann
John Deere

MicTalk with Anders Karlborg
Anders Karlborg
Assistant CEO
ZTE Corporation

Exclusive Insights with Jose Eduardo Wendler
Jose   Eduardo Wendler
Commercial Director and Logistics
Mineracao Buritirama

Visibility, Transparency and Real-time Information to Improve Processes and Performance: Insights from a CSCO in the Retail Industry
Nina   Antilla
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Reima Oy

Procurement and Supply Chain: Creating Bridges
Angus   McIntosh
Chief Procurement Officer

Moving from Sell-in to Sell-out
Luiz   Gripp

Leadership Skills and Change Management in the Supply Chain: the Soft Skills of Complexity
Maarten   Cornelissen
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Exclusive Insights with Marcelo Frias
Marcelo   Frias
Logistics Director

Exclusive Insights with Fabio Castello
Fabio   Castello
Vice President Logistics
Scania Latin America

Exclusive Insights with Sergio Belisario de Andrade
Sergio   Belisario de Andrade
Operation and Supply Chain director
Arysta LifeScience

Exclusive Insights with Alessandro Dessimoni
Alessandro   Dessimoni
Vice president of regulatory affairs

Exclusive Insights with Cesar Meireles
Cesar   Meireles
Executive Director

The Transformation of Supply Chain to Attend Business Changes Prioritizing Small Markets
Marcelo   Arantes
Diretor Executivo Supply
Grupo Pao de Acucar

How shared Service Centers can be used to maximise efficiencies in Supply Chain
Marcio   Lotierzo
Global Supply Chain Services - South America

Exclusive Insights with Marlus Fida
Marlus   Fida
VP & General Manager Brazil

Supply Chain Expert Session: Metrics in the Supply Chain
Lora   Cecere
Founder and CEO
Supply Chain Insights

Lessons in Supply Chain from the Aerospace Industry
Steven   Georgevitch
Supply Chain Transformation
Boeing Aerospace

Supply Chain Expert Session: How to Implement a Segmentation Strategy in the Value Chain
Dr John   Gattorna
Gloabl Supply Chain Thought Leader, Author and Adjunct Professor
CIPS, UTS Business School

Sourcing and Procurement in the Energy Sector
Markku   Verkama
Vice President Global Category Management and Minerals Processing Supply

Digital and the Supply Chain, A New Romance
Peter   Vanderminden
(Retired) Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities in the Food & Beverages Industry
Francois   Gouby
Vice President - EMEA Supply Chain

Change Management and Strategic Leadership in the Value Chain
Willem   Vesters
Vice-President Global Supply Chain Planning
Liberty Global

Ensure CLP Compliance in the Research Lab Using a Chemical Inventory Management System
Denese   Deeds
Senior Consultant
Industrial Health & Safety Consultants

MicTalk with Ken Davies
Ken   Davies
Honorary Professor
Queen Mary University of London School of Business

MicTalk with Robert Ryan, Eduardo Dager and Rafael Reyes Igartua
Robert   Ryan
Director of Supply Chain (Mexico and Central America Region)

OpEx Beyond the Buzzword: How to Achieve an Autonomous Value Stream Flow
Kevin  Duggan
Duggan Associates

Benchmark your Transportation Contracts - Are you paying too much?
Cosmas Hoefnagels
Vice President
CLX Logistics Europe

Using Quality Management To Drive Continuous Business Improvement And Maximise Customer Satisfaction
David   Brown
Director of Quality Management and Health and Safety
Bucher Emhart Glass

From Complex to Simple: How PLM Unravels Key Supply Chain Challenges
Ann McGuire
PLM Consultant
Arena Solutions

If it isnt broken, dont fix it: The 3 keys to high performance manufacturing without overhauling your business
Patrick  Browne
Regional Managing Director for EMEA
Kepner - Tregoe

Create and Accelerate Lasting Value with a Sustainable Management System
Simon   Law
Business Development Manager
TBM Consulting Group Europe

Managing Supplier Relationships: How to Evaluate and Get The Most from Suppliers
Simon  Rhind-Tutt
Founder & Managing Partner of Relationship Audits & Management

The Power of a unified, social Supply Chain Execution solution
Thijs  Kleijngeld
Senior Business Consultant

Management Systems: Turning Strategy into Reality
Richard  Holland
Vice President
TBM Consulting Group

Managing relationships, improving processes and addressing sustainable practice in supply chain management
Rachel  Lander
Course Leader for the MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Westminster Business School, University of Westmin

Business Performance; its your responsibility
Liam  Harrington
Oliver Wight EAME LLP

Doing Business in Russia? Bulletproof Strategies for Success
Pascal  Born
VP Supply Chain Solutions EAME
Neovia Logistics

Demand Signal Management: Increase Sales and Gain Market Share
Ganesh  Wadawadigi, Ph.D.
VP, Supply Chain Solutions

The S&OP Evolution: Improve Market Agility and Free up Working Capital
Leon  Dixon
EISLO Solution Manager
SmartOps, an SAP company

Global Batch Traceability: Reduce Corporate Liabilities and Protect your Brand
Daniel  Fritz
Head Pharma Supply Chain IT
Novartis Pharma AG

Diagnosing the Impact of Pharmaceutical Industry Trends on the Supply Chain
Roddy  Martin
Managing Director

Supply Chain Control: Using Systems to improve Operational Effectiveness
Ana  Cunha
Business Development Manager
WeDo Technologies

Secrets to Maximizing Your Supply Chain Strategy
Michael  D. Keer
Founder & CEO
Product Realization Group

OpEx 2.0: Mature CI Companies Grow Faster
Richard  Holland
Vice President Europe
TBM Consulting Group

Supply Chain Visibility: A lesson in Excellence
Patty  Stafford
Senior Business Consultant
Worldwide Chain Stores

Supply Chain Innovation: The quest towards the Real Time Supply Chain
Larry   Marion
Consultant for Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services
Triangle Publishing Services

Plan for Profit in real time with Supply Chain Optimisation
John  Mercer
Manager, Solutions Consulting, SCM

Social Sales & Operations Planning - S&OP at social speed
Shaun   Phillips
Director, Product Management

Transforming Your Supply Chain to Win!
Richard Sherman
Discipline Expert Supply Chain Management
WCS (Worldwide Chain Stores)

Collapsing the time between Planning and Execution across the Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain
Michael  Smith
Director, Product Marketing

Supply Chain Optimisation: Engineered for Speed
Charles  Barret
Presales Consultant
Infor Global

Distributed Spares Networks: How Advanced Planning Systems Improve Efficiency
Nick  Newby-Ricci
Business Development Manager
Barloworld SCS

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives to Shrink Manufacturing Costs
Yves  Thelier
Deputy VP Sales, Veolia Environnement Industries
Veolia Environnement

Manage Complexity and Ensure Compliance: MES Integrated JIS
Andreas  Rudl
VP Sales D-A-CH
iTAC Software AG

Your Guide to choosing Warehouse Technology: Voice, RF, Pick to Light
Joshila  Makan
Operations Director
WCS Worldwide Chain Stores

Total Business Optimisation
Howard  Page
Account Executive
Beoley Mill Software (BMS) Ltd.

Focused Operational Improvement - Unbundling Problems to Unlock Hidden Opportunities
Brian  Schramke
Sr. Consultant and Regional Field Consultant Manager
Kepner-Tregoe Inc.

Advanced Planning and Optimisation in Transportation: Needs, Solutions and Cases
Prof. Dr.  Goos Kant
Global Industry Leader - Transportation

From Process Safety to Operational Excellence – Best Practices for Operational Risk Management
Todd  Lunsford
Solution Engineering Manager, Operational Risk

Top 5 OpEx Success Strategies
Simon  Law
Business Development Manager
TBM Consulting Group

Trade Secrets Revealed: Planning a Successful WMS Implementation
Joshila  Makan
Operations Director
WCS Worldwide Chain Stores

Using Cost Avoidance to Justify Expansion When Operations are Already Lean
Tim  Archer
Sales Training Manager
Kardex Remstar

Transform Your Value Chain in Operations to Improve On-time Delivery and Costs
Ralph  Rio
Research Director
ARC Advisory Group

Virtual Fireside Chat: The promise and value of an Operational Control Tower
Roddy  Martin
Supply Chain Thought Leader

Adaptive Manufacturing: Improve your Access to Manufacturing Intelligence
Kevin Bader
Solutions Expert
Seeit Solutions

The Continuous Improvement Trilogy: Lean, Six Sigma & KT
Joel  Beezhold
Continuous Improvement Director, Johnson Controls
Automotive Experience group in North America

SABMiller: Sustaining Continuous Improvement by Integrating Principles, People and Processes
Ed  Koch
Head of Manufacturing Development

Breakthrough Objectives and Continuous Improvement: Closing the Gap
Ken  Koenemann
Vice President
TBM Consulting Group

Improving your business – A programme fit for you
Andrew  Ruddick
Process Insight Consulting Ltd

Lean TPM: Releasing your Hidden Factory
Dennis  McCarthy
DAK Consulting

Advanced e-Sourcing: Rising to the next level in Sourcing Automation
James  Thomas
Strategic Marketing Manager

Shifting into the Drivers Seat: Taking Control of Transportation
Janet  Harrison
Director of Logistics Services
Keystone Foods

Global Location Strategies
Roel   Spee
Global Leader
IBM - Plant Location International

Best Practices for Managing Free Trade Agreement Management Processes
Nick   Boland
Director Solutions EMEA
Amber Road

The Impact of Globalisation on Inventory Management Strategy and Design
Tim   Garfield
Chief Information Officer
Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc.

Multi-channel Fulfilment Made Easy
Michael   Khodl
VP Solutions Development
Dematic Corp

Inventory Optimization reveals Vaillant Groups Supply Chain potential
Stefan  Horstmann
Head of Group IT Engineering
Vaillant Group

How P&G Delivers Operational Savings through Lean Quality
Neil  Lewis
Quality Assurance Manager
Procter and Gamble

Transform Organisational Performance with ERP
Steve  Tattum
Product Manager - ERP X3
Sage UK Ltd

Making Operational Performance easy for SAP run businesses
Jacques  Adriaansen
Managing Director Belgium
Every Angle Belgium

A real-time MES/MOM: Effectively Improve Performance
Robert  Schuerch
CSM Systems AG, Switzerland

Divide and Conquer - Value Stream Segmentation Drives Better Profits
Ken  Koenemann
Vice President
TBM Consulting Group, Inc

Business activity monitoring for the next generation enterprise
Alan  Sheppard
LSG Solutions

Plan, Source, Make, Deliver: Demand-Driven Performance
Hugh  E. Cole
Partner and V.P. Solutions Development
AGI-Goldratt Institute

Pick-Pack-Ship Challenge: Order Fulfillment made easy
Peter  Blair
Director of Marketing Communications
Kiva Systems

Global Risk and Compliance - Are you protected?
Neill  Cooke
Ethics and Compliance Manager
IMI plc

Modernising Manufacturing: Applying Control Theory to Business
Peter   G. Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President and Fellow

Inventory Routing as the way forward
Janneke   Meesters
Global Industry Leader Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Creating A Lean Organisational Structure
Bhadar  Singh
Manufacturing Change Lead
United Biscuits

Management von Trade Compliance und Exportkontrollrisiken Innerhalb Einer Internationalen Supply Chain
Torsten  Röser
Director Export Control & ECO
Infineon Technologies AG

Optimise and improve transport execution
Thorbjørn  Schmidt-Jacobsen
Sales Director

The business value of an integrated PLM system at Red Bull Racing
Jan   Larsson
EMEA Marketing Director
Siemens PLM Software

Solving the piece picking challenge with award winning new technology
Paul   Gottschlich
Director - Distribution Sales
Swisslog Logistics, Inc.

Successful cultural change and sustainable lean transformation
Ian   Rice
MD and Operations Director
Draka UK Ltd.

Emerging Trends in Private Fleet Transportation
Dave   Edwards
SVP Business Development
Cardinal Logistics Management, Inc.

Plan for Profit: Next Generation Sales & Operations Planning Technology
Alan   Lindsay
Solutions Management, SCM

Can businesses grow profitably and sustainably at the same time?
Luc   Pierre Maes
Managing Partner

Driving operational excellence: The Enterprise Approach to Quality
Olivier   Dréan
EMEA Alliance Director

Removing the Risks and Profiting from a Sustainable Supply Chain
Carlos  Somohano
Senior Principal Consultant, Enterprise Solutions

Meeting Business Needs with IT Solutions - Sustainable Operations Excellence
Mark   Giebels
Senior MES Consultant
Atos Origin

Role of Outsourcing in Reducing Cost and Improving Process Efficiency
Jaison   Augustine
Vice President Vertical Sales Lead, Shipping & Logistics BU
WNS Global Services

How can PLM support your business?
Matthias   Junge
Director, Business Consultant
Junge PLM Consulting Limited

Ensure Compliance and Develop Better Products with Smarter PLM
Kimberly   Glenn
Director Research and Development
Tyson Foods

Meeting Business Needs with IT Solutions
Mark   Giebels
Senior MES Consultant
Atos Origin

Manufacturing intelligence, cost reduction and plant optimization
Alain  Hermans
Process Business Manager, EMEA
Rockwell Automation

Is the MES “Factory in a Box” Real or Imagined?
Mike  James
Group Managing Director
ATS International BV

Operational Excellence and Business Transformation
Jeff  Patton
Vice President
Capgemini Consulting

Evolving from PDM to an Integrated PLM system at BAE Military Air Systems
Andy  Kennington
EMEA Marketing Director Teamcenter

Continuous Improvement & the Learning Organisation: Collaborating to hit Top Gear
Ton  Aerdts
Chief Executive Officer
Blom Consultancy

Cash is King, Service is Sacred
Richard  Wilding
Director of the Supply Chain Risk Forum
Cranfield School of Management

Top Supply Chain Strategies for a Recovering Economy
Andy  Killick
Business Consulting Manager

Reduce Inventory and Improve Forecasting by Aligning Your Demand, Supply and Financial Plans
Paul  Hoy
Worldwide Industrial Sector Executive

MES multi-country rollouts: How to increase ROI and reduce risk
Luca  Benporath
Director Global Sales & Markets - Manufacturing
Atos Origin

Supply Chain: Its Risky Business!
Douglas  Kent
European Chair
Supply Chain Council

Combating Volatility through Flexibility
David  Simchi-Levi
Professor of Civil and Enviromental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Supply Chain Top 25 – Results & Analysis
Debra  Hoffman
Vice President, Supply Chain Top 25
AMR Research

Supply Chain Resilience for Competitive Advantage
Yossi  Sheffi
Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How to Survive and Thrive in the Global Recession using Lean Strategically
Paul  Hainsworth
Chief Operating Officer
Lean Horizons Consulting, LLC

Virtually Perfect - Creating Real Quality with Virtual Products
Michael  Grieves
PLM expert & Author

How do you sucessfully deploy Manufacturing Execution Systems?
Mike  James
Group Managing Director
ATS International BV

Survival within Economic Turmoil: Strategies and Actions for the Manufacturing Industry
Engelbert  Wimmer
Global Head of Manufacturing Industries
PA Consulting

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